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Everyone starts this journey in different places and it's ok if you're starting from the very beginning. Organic and sustainable living can cost a bit more at first -- that is until you learn some secrets about how to reduce, recycle and reuse your everyday items.

As time goes on and more people buy and demand organic items, prices will decline. When prices decline for organic goods, better supply and better choices will arrive for all of us.

Hopefully this site can offer a wealth of information to transform your life from where it is to an organic, happy, and toxic-free life.

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Give Plants NZ
Flower Delivery just doesn?t cut it anymore. Why would it when you can send a living plant or tree for someone to enjoy for a lifetime? Give Plants was borne out of the frustration of receiving flowers that do not last ? specialising in high quality, affordable trees and plants, Give Plants is flower delivery for the new millennium. Giving a plant has a meaning with roots. It can be the ideal gift for a variety of different occasions and you can custom fit it to the message you want to convey. When you give a plant, you give a memory that last and grow. From birthday gifts to house warming gifts, giving a plant is a thoughtful eco-friendly present that will be cherished for years to come.

Give Plants have a unique packaging system, having designed their own corrugated cardboard boxes which come in two sizes, made from 68% recycled paper (the rest is from sustainable trees grown in New Zealand). Give something eco-friendly that will last for years ? Give Plants. Visit Give Plants website now to place your orders.

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