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Shop at farmers' markets

Organic Life   in New Zealand
Farmers' markets are great sources of fresh local produce. A just-picked tomato from a local farm tastes better than a tomato that's traveled thousands of miles before reaching a supermarket shelf.

It's going to be cheaper and fresher at a farmers' market, Cummins says.

If you don't see a sign saying the produce is organic, be sure to ask. Some farmers may be making the transition to organic farming.

The key to landing good deals at farmers' markets is to ask lots of questions. Ask about seconds -- perfectly tasty but misshapen produce that you may be able to buy at a discount. Ask about discounts for buying in bulk. Ask how you can buy their produce when the market is closed.

Always ask what tastes the best. They know. They'll tell you, says Jesse Ziff Cool, author of

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